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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

25 November 2015: Stephen Field, The Salvation Army Petersfield

New Beginnings

Back in July this year, I was suddenly faced with the need to find a new job. Something I hadn’t expected, but circumstances changed in the job that I was in, and the company were faced with having to make people redundant, which was something that I had only experienced once before.

I was hopeful of finding a new job quickly when a friend referred me to a company who were looking for ‘people like me’ but in the end it came to nothing, so I continue to search, applying for several jobs every day, and occasionally getting an interested party ring me up, only to find that the role did not quite suit my experience.

Eventually, I was told about a job that was coming up in Petersfield, and decided I would apply. It sounded like something I could do, although it was a complete change from the industry that I had worked in for nearly 30 years. The interview came, then the waiting, but in a short space of time, the call came inviting me to start a new job.

I was elated, and all my friends and family with me. Not only was this a job, but a job in the town where I had grown up.

My experience of God is similar in many ways. I sense that God is waiting each day to offer me new opportunities, as he does for each one of us. We can either accept or decline this offer, but accepting it leads us into moments of elation as we experience new beginnings, and realise that he is always offering ‘people like me’ and you the opportunity of experiencing life in a different way.

Town Lights: the Christmas Lights will be switched on this Friday in The Square at 5:00 pm with lots of activities organised by local churches

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