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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

16 December 2015: Jon Piper, Hope Church

The Value of Things

When I was five, I was given a superb Christmas present: a ‘Pow-R-Tron’ car which, when driven into a wall, would transform into a robot. I placed enormous value on this toy and may have used it to an excess.

When I happened upon it in later life, the car’s wheels were slightly jammed and the motor seemed feeble. For all of the value that I thought the car had in my youth, it now seemed cheap and useless.

I often worry that our view of the value of humans is similar to that of our possessions, like my Pow-R-Tron. Although we see value in each other, people are easily forgotten and often seem more prized for their usefulness than anything else.

A friend of mine was recently a victim of burglary. A man broke into her home while she was standing in her kitchen. As she is an older woman who retired some time ago, who lives alone and who has increasing problems with her mobility, I was concerned for her wellbeing. She had, however, managed to fend the person off with no physical harm done to herself.

As I sat with her while she expressed her worries after the attack, I was struck by her great value as a human. This value had been missed by the person who attacked her home, but was clearly evident in the kindness, peacefulness and even joy in her conversation – even in her concern for the wellbeing of her attacker.

Christmas is, for Christians, a season that is all about value. Not the value of possessions. But the value of a single baby in a stable thousands of years ago. And also the value of every individual human, for whom that baby would die to show their worth, including my friend. And her attacker.

Note that we'll be singing carols around the town at 6:00 pm next Wednesday 23 December then we'll have the carols in the Square at 7:00 pm - followed by refreshmaents in St Peter's

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