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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

6 January 2016: Rev'd Canon Will Hughes, St Peter's, Petersfield

A very happy New Year to you

I don’t know whether you made any New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes they seem rather pointless to me, while at other times they can get the New Year off to a good start. There’s no reason, of course, why we can’t make resolutions about our life at any time of the year, but perhaps it is good to make some at the beginning of the year (and if you haven’t made them yet, it’s not too late to make one now). Resolutions made now are made not out of desperation (though they are often chosen as a response to the excesses of Christmas!), or a sense that something is wrong. Instead they are made in hope - in the belief that the future is a gift, a privilege, and that we want to use it well- that the past was good, and the future can be even better. It comes from a belief that we can be more than we have been- and that is always a good thing.

But there is a danger in New Year’s resolutions- there is a way in which they can do us real and active harm, and make us a worse human being than if we had not made any. The danger comes, not from making bad resolutions, but from not taking our resolutions seriously. A resolution kept can make us slimmer, fitter or healthier, but a resolution broken breaks not just the resolution, but our sense of resolve itself. If we break our resolves we will take ourselves, our word, our honesty and our integrity less seriously. Even if we make it lightly, we have less respect for ourselves if we can’t make the effort to keep it up.

Whatever you have resolved to do this year, may you have the strength and determination to keep it.

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