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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

13 January 2016: John Studd, Life Church Petersfield

Real characters

Millions of people across the world as well as in the UK have watched, with gripped attention, the events and personalities in Downton Abbey. Now that, following the Christmas Special, the series has at last come to an end I wonder if, like me, you wonder how Carson and Mrs Hughes will take to retirement, how Mr Barrow will cope as butler and whether Mrs Patmore and Mr Mason will get together?

Thinking about this I marvelled at the creative powers of Julian Fellows who made so many believable characters whom we’ve come to love, or perhaps dislike, but certainly whose lives we have followed with great fascination – to the extent that we now wonder what has happened to them!

But my thinking continued: Christians believe that God has lovingly created each one of us but there are two enormous differences between the characters created by Julian Fellows and God.

First: those created by Julian say and do exactly what he wants them to do but God gives us complete freedom, even the freedom to ignore him and walk away if we wish.

Secondly: although I am sure that Julian has a good relationship with the actors who play his characters, he has no relationship with the characters themselves - but God yearns to have relationship with each one of us.

Perhaps, when you are watching the Downtown Abbey re-runs or DVDs, you might marvel at Julian’s creative powers but also be aware of a loving heavenly father who not only made you but who loves you and wants a relationship with you.

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