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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

27 April 2016: Peter Belton, Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Sheet

In Between Things

Well, Easter for 2016 is behind us now. We have lived through reminders of Jesus' agonies, death and the Holy Spirit turning His death into a new life. And we have celebrated ideas of how "new life" might be expressed.

Jesus often quoted from the scripture of His time, using passages with which His audience would have been familiar, as a subtext to a point He wanted to make. So, it is worth noting that when, humanly, He cried out to His Father that He felt forsaken, He may well have been referring to Psalm 22. This psalm is, however, about trusting, praising and glorifying God to save and bless, in spite of all our trials.

It was a time of waiting, uncertainty and wariness for the first disciples. Jesus had told them to expect a "Helper" from His Father but they did not know the who, the how or the when this would happen. In hindsight, we know that the Jews celebrated the first fruits of their harvest at Pentecost. It was to be the same in the spiritual realms.
We could be thought of as being in that period between the assurance of life, through Jesus' work on the Cross, His return to be with Father and the Holy Spirit and our enabling by the Spirit.

We are aware of the Father's faithful, sacrificial and extravagant love for His people but we are also sometimes painfully aware of our own inability to live our lives as He would wish. It's a conundrum. So, we also look forward to appreciating God's gift of His Holy Spirit in us, who speaks to us of God's heart and helps us to live closer to His desires.

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