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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 May 2016: Simon and Helen Mason, Life Church Petersfield, Co-Convenors of PACT

Journeying together

It is a privilege to be part of the leadership of PACT, especially during the Easter period when Tim in Buriton and Helen and Simon in Petersfield helped to run the Good Friday Walks of Witness. It is key to publicly declare the truth about Jesus' love for humanity through the dark journey of his death and the utter joy found in his resurrection; to witness to the town by worshipping together, by creating blessing for the town, and by presenting the power of His salvation to all.

God tells us that he sets before us all a table laden with good things and he encourages us to taste and see that he is good.

However, so many of us hold back. We don't want to appear greedy, too hungry, desperate or even bad-mannered. But he has given us permission to feast - to eat to our fill, with no limits on how many times we can return to eat. It makes me smile when I think of how God created the original 'all you can eat'! And he never intended it to be a short term thing either!!

So we've been really encouraged by the tangible signs of unity amongst the Christians in the town and are constantly amazed at the opportunities to serve and meet people's needs that so many are involved with. And Jesus is the centre of it all and the object of our focus. Let's journey together.

MenUnited, formally called Men's Breakfast, will be happening this Saturday, 7 May, at Hurst Barn - click for details



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