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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

17 August 2016: John Powell, Petersfield Methodist Church

What is faith?

I’ve been thinking about the word “Faith” recently. We all know that it means to trust, or have confidence, in a person or a thing. When we have a headache, we take a paracetamol tablet, having faith that it will ease the pain. When our car breaks down, or misbehaves, we contact our trusted garage, having faith that they will deal with the problem. Yet, as we Christians use the word, it has a rather deeper meaning. I like the acrostic

Forsaking All I Trust Him

Christian faith involves trusting the Lord Jesus with every aspect of our lives. It is not a matter of having a bit of faith in Him as a sort of add-on extra to the way we normally do things. Rather, it means to trust Him to deal with the basic problems in our lives, like our selfish ways, and our deviation from God’s plan for us . Positively, it means to put Jesus at the centre of every aspect of our existence.

Suppose I am driving in my car to a place I am not familiar with; I have the SatNav switched on, and it shows me which road to take. But one of the passengers points to a road that looks rather nicer than the satnav’s route, and another passenger encourages me to take yet another route. Whom do I follow?

Well, if I am sensible, I will follow the SatNav, because that is in contact with the satellites, and can see exactly where the destination is, and the best way to get there. So it is with life. I may think I know where I am going, and others may give me their opinions; but it is God, who is outside of time, who can see the whole scheme of things, though they are only hazy to me. I need to trust Him, both for this life, and for His way to everlasting life. He wants the best for each one of us, as He made us, and He loves us, and He gave His Son to be our Saviour.

I hope you, our reader, can say “Forsaking All I Trust Him”.

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