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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

21 September 2016: Jon Piper, Hope Church


For the past two years, I have been working at a master’s degree while also holding down a job. This is, however, all about to change: my final piece of work is due in October and I’ll begin a different job at the end of this month. The decisions are all made but the work and the consequences are yet to materialise.

This has meant that I’m now in something of an in-between phase. It’s as if I’ve thrown several balls in the air in the act of juggling and I’m currently waiting for them to descend so that the performance can continue.

In many ways, the world seems to be in a similar state, as we wait to hear what Brexit might actually look like or what the result might be of this dramatic American election that we’ve witnessed developing over the past months. On a global scale, several balls are in the air and we’re watching, waiting for them to land so that the juggling can continue!

As we wait for answers and clarity on these issues, it is easy to become anxious and to feel helpless. But as a Christian, I’m reminded of the heroes of the faith, many of whom lived, suffered and took action in the midst of anxious times. I think in particular of Esther, plucked from obscurity to be queen, which made it possible for her to save the whole of her people, the Jews, who were subject of the Persian Empire. Her story leads from anxiety, through heroism, to victory in the most dramatic way.

Maybe, if we recognise that God has, as with Queen Esther, placed us here ‘for such a time as this’, we could be used by God for the good of others when the juggling balls begin to land.

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