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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

28 September 2016: David Storey, All Saint's, Steep

Faith and Politics

We have been going through the season of political conferences. I wonder how much time we have all given to looking at the policies we want this country to adopt. Sometimes the policies that we want may not belong to any party. Sometimes we may need to ask ourselves if some really are what God would recommend.

When we view USA elections we see the influence of some religious leaders, and I for one wonder what sort of God they are claiming for their side. Christians have the advantage of having a human being as the great exemplar of what God wants. I know that many calling themselves Christians have behaved in ways that would have horrified Jesus (as well as God). What was it that Jesus stood up for? In the end it was about the kind of society that called for mutual help, opposed to the domination system of the Roman Empire and the trustees of the Jewish Temple who co-operated with the Roman authorities.

Most people know the story of the Good Samaritan, when Jesus was asked who the neighbour was that we should love. (The two core beliefs that Jews and Christians should keep are to “Love God and love your neighbour”). In the story two individuals connected with the Temple failed to go to the help of someone who had been severely injured by robbers and was lying on the roadside. Then a Samaritan, who the Jews despised, came along and not only cared for him, but took him to the next inn and paid for the inn-keeper to look after him until he came back along that way.

Have we missed something in our political squablings to keep our income up and our costs down? Perhaps we should ask with more care what kind of world can we be part of creating not only for ourselves but for our descendants? If we did, perhaps God would smile on us.

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