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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

23 November 2016: Stephen Wright, Petersfield Methodist Church

Good News

My sixteen-year-old went shopping, for his girlfriend’s birthday present. It was over 24 hours before he realised he could not find his wallet. It had contained quite a lot of money, so we searched high and low, but with no result. Eventually, I volunteered to return to the store, just in case it had been handed in there. To my complete surprise, it had, complete with all his hard-earned dosh.

As surprising perhaps, as the fact that this inconsequential tale, is now recorded for all of Petersfield to know about. Newspapers and indeed, all the modern media, obviously have much more important things to share. Sadly, they are usually of a much darker nature too; which can easily persuade us there is nothing good to be said of our fellow human beings at all. The reality I suspect, is that there a million and one incidents like the one, I’ve just related. Stories which tell a different story about human nature. It is true, there is plenty of dark; the Christian church has often advertised the fact and at its best, has resisted it and offered forgiveness to the penitent. But at a time when it is easy to be cynical about our fellows and when it can easily seem as though everything is broken, it’s good to be reminded that this is not the whole story; as I was, when my son lost his wallet.

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