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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

30 November 2016: Sylvia Roberts, St Peter's Church

Colours of my life

This Autumn has been one of spectacular colours in the woods and hedgerows and some single trees, standing alone have truly been works of art. As well as the gorgeous Autumnal colours our daily lives are full of colour not least in our language. We all know what it is to feel blue, to be red with embarrassment or purple with rage, green with envy, white with terror or even to descend into a brown study.

In church we use a range of colours in hangings, altar frontals and clergy robes to mark the different seasons. We have just entered the season of Advent, prior to Christmas, in which the liturgical colour is purple and this is also the colour for Lent - the period of preparation for Easter. High days and Holy Days sees our churches decked in the glories of white and gold and red is used during Holy Week, Pentecost and between All Saints Day (1st Nov) and Advent Sunday. Red is also often used for Baptisms, Confirmations and Ordinations as it reminds us of the fire of the Holy Spirit empowering the Church. Beautiful, peaceful green is the colour of Ordinary Time when the church gets on with faithful worship, prayer and service to the community.

We shall soon be celebrating the festival of Christmas – surely the most colourful of all our yearly celebrations. Whatever our circumstances maybe we might take a tiny moment each day to look around and relish the delights of

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