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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 January 2017: Robin Ive, Petersfield United Reformed Church

The Greatest event in our Health Service

Perhaps the greatest leap forward in the health service was in 1928 when Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. In the First World War he was a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and he noticed that most doctors used antiseptics in the wounds that were killing more soldiers than the infection itself. His research was ignored at the time.

After the war this made Fleming continue with research on the subject until he accidentally discovered Penicillin. Two other men Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain were able to refine and mass produce Penicillin. During the final years of the Second World War, it was estimated that thousands of soldiers were saved from death because of the antibiotic penicillin, and it has now been used worldwide to treat many diseases. He was knighted in 1944, and was honoured by receiving the Nobel Prize in1945. He must have had the great satisfaction of being the means of saving millions of lives.

One day he was asked, what was the greatest discovery he had made. His answer was simple his greatest discovery he said "was that I needed God, and that I was nothing without Him, and that He loved me and showed His love by sending Jesus to save me."

As we are entering a New Year it is good to take stock of our lives and see if we can make a new start. Perhaps there is something we are ashamed of, or there may be something that we have failed to do, perhaps improve a relationship or give up a bad habit.

Many have found that when committing our lives to Jesus Christ, He will give us the strength to make our resolutions work.

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