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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

25 January 2017: Judith Bee, St Mary, Buriton


This last week has been the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Every year from 18 to 25 January, different Christian denominations throughout the world join together in specific prayer for the unity of the Church. It’s a reminder of Jesus’ great prayer for his disciples in St John’s gospel where he prays “that they may be one”. This year’s theme has been Reconciliation – the love of Christ compels us. Christ’s love of all of us, whoever we are, must lead us into greater love and fellowship with each other.

Last Sunday all the churches in Petersfield (Petersfield Area Churches Together) joined together for a service of praise at the Methodist church, and our Convenors, Tom, Helen and Simon (themselves representing two different churches) were affirmed for a second term of office. Together the PACT churches are responsible for a range of initiatives in the town to help everyone, of whatever faith or none.

As we share worship and experience each other’s different styles of worship and understandings of faith, it enriches us all. We are ONE church, Christ’s Church. It’s good to journey together. Imagine a wheel with Christ in the centre. Travelling along the spokes as we grow closer to him, we cannot help but get closer to each other; in fact it would be impossible to reach the centre without coming together.

“In Christ,” the Bible tells us, “God was reconciling the world to himself.” In a world where continents and political systems seem to be fragmenting, reconciliation is sorely needed. The love of Christ compels us to be agents of reconciliation to all people.

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