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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

8 February 2017: Linda Clist, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Where there’s faith …

We had a lovely surprise the other day. Driving past the entrance to Steep Tennis Club, there were actually two or three daffodils just coming into flower! There’s nothing like Spring colour to lift the spirits in these winter months.

I remember one February years ago, taking my first walk outside after having a baby and then succumbing to a fever. I saw a little group of shiny yellow crocuses in a neighbour’s garden. ‘There is hope!’ I thought. ‘Things will get better. Perhaps I’ll be able to cope with three small children after all…Thank-you, Lord.’ And as you can see, I’ve never forgotten it.

For many people, this year has begun in anxiety or despair and/or aggravation at their fellow citizens. That’s one reason why I was glad to know that our January event at Herne Farm had the theme of encouragement. As a member of Sheet Church, I was one of the people hosting our first Women’s Brunch. (The men at Sheet get to do a lot together: Sunday evenings at the pub, Saturday mornings with bacon sandwiches, skittle evenings, walking holidays, etc, so the ladies are just trying to catch up a little!) As well as the excellent speaker, it was thoroughly encouraging to have nearly 80 local women get together to enjoy coffee and croissants and share experiences.

We have to wait for Spring flowers – but we don’t have to wait for people. They can lift our spirits all year round. And if they’re people of faith, they will always be people of hope too. In fact, some of the people who’ve encouraged me the most have endured real difficulties, but because of their faith, they can always see Springtime coming and the crocuses emerging through the frost.

Photographs taken at Holiday Club in sumnmer 2016 are now displayed on the Holiday Club page


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