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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

15 February 2017: Simon and Helen Mason, Co-Convenors of PACT

May you know the love of Jesus

For almost 50 years, groups of Christians in the town of Petersfield and in the surrounding villages have been formally working together, and in recent decades the various churches involved have formed Petersfield Area Churches Together (PACT). There are currently ten such churches, and we support and serve each other and seek to help and reach out to people in the town and around, whatever their faith or none. We also work with other organisations that operate locally, and we are delighted with the positive impact that they have within the community.

Lots of details about all these activities and initiatives can be found on the PACT website:

The thing that draws us all together is our love of Jesus and our desire to serve Him and make His love known in the places we go, and to the people we meet. We want to serve you and be a blessing to you, so do take the opportunity to interact with one of the PACT churches or be impacted by the organisations we support. On Good Friday, for example, we will be taking part in our annual 'walk of witness' through the town, and then celebrating Easter with a service in the town Square at 10.00. All the churches have activities to become involved with and ways to support you. Above all, may you know the love of Jesus and the great impact that He can have on your life.


The United Reformed Church will be hosting the Christian Aid Simple Lunch on Saturday 18 February: 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. The next PACT Prayer Day will be held at St Laurence on Thursday 23 February.

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