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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

22 February 2017: Keith Evans' Petersfield United Reformed Church

What is truth?

We’ve heard a lot about truth recently. Notable politicians, when they don’t like the reality of events, give the version they prefer and call it “alternative truth”. Social media propagate fake news as truth, politicians spin facts to suit their case and the BBC programme QI tells us that almost all of what we believe to be facts are actually wrong.

We have, at least in this country, a free press who seek objective truth and the BBC has a worldwide reputation for seeking to be impartial. We can trust what’s in the Petersfield Post.

There are, of course, different types of truth: the moral quality of being honest, conformity to facts, and the revelation of new understanding given to some people.
What is truth and where can you find It? A Roman ruler, 2000 years, ago asked the same question to Jesus of Nazareth, who had said “I am the truth”. Jesus claimed that he embodied truth and the words he spoke were eternal truths which, if listened to and followed, would lead to eternal life. His life encompassed all the types of truth listed above. His teaching has endured through history, and worldwide some 31% of the world’s population claim allegiance to him.

So what about us, do we seek truth? We live in a post-truth world, where how you feel is more important than whether it is right. Reality, however, has a habit of always catching up with us, and the old adage is true that our sins will always find us out. Following Jesus as the ultimate truth will lead us, despite the troubles of a fallen world, to love, joy, peace and the forgiveness of those wrongs we would prefer to forget.

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