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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

15 March 2017: Captain Linda Read, The Salvation Army, Petersfield

Life is a Journey

If we were to define the word journey it would be ‘an act of travelling from one place to another.’ Every time we leave our homes we commence a journey, sometimes it’s a short one like a walk to the shop or others take more time like when we to on holiday and our mode of travel changes e.g. walking, train, ship or plane.

I journey regularly to Wales to see family and I marvel at the beauty of the countryside as I travel there. I have travelled in winter when the fields glisten white with frost and ice, in the spring when the trees have started to bud and the banks are resplendent with the yellow of the daffodils and lambs are playing in the fields. In summer months everything is in full bloom, and then comes the autumn where the colours of the leaves are vibrant golds, bronzes, reds - what an amazing picture to see.

Life is a journey and just like the seasons, experiences change. The road will not always be smooth; we may encounter challenges, some of them will test our weaknesses, strengths and even our faith. Depending on how we react to what we are faced with will determine the outcomes of the journey for the rest of our lives.

Jesus’ ministry journey on earth started after he spent forty days of testing in the wilderness in preparation for all he was to face and his earthly journey culminated at Calvary where he died so we could live in union with God.

We are in the season of Lent. Forty days when we are invited to prepare ourselves for Easter. May that journey take us not just to Calvary, and the death of Jesus, but to Easter morning when we know the resurrection experience of hope and new life through Christ.

PACT Prayer Days and two longer periods of prayer are planned to take place in the next few months and you can download Prayer Cards used at some of the earlier Prayer Days.

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