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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

19 April 2017: David Storey, All Saints Church, Steep

Responding to Easter

Having just celebrated Easter, I wonder what you made of it? I hope that it is inspiring you to explore the message of Jesus, as I understand it.

For me Jesus was an inspirational man who had an understanding of ultimate matters, for which I normally using the short title God. He had what for then was the extraordinary idea that God was a peacemaker rather than an avenger on those who did what he would have preferred that we we not done. He offered forgiveness to everyone in God’s name. The religious leaders shouted heresy rather than listening. They thought that God should come down and provide a supernatural leader who would use an angelic force to make the Jews, God’s chosen people, governors of a cleansed world. Their idea of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus had another understanding that God already made provision for people to listen to Him and what he wanted. Jesus had already been shewing the way when he prayed to God. Jesus was asking to hear better what God wanted, because he understood that was how God worked.

Amazingly God trusts us humans to work to create what is referred to as the Kingdom of God.

If only we can understand that all of us can be part of that process. Easter was in part Jesus demonstrating the Love of God, the passivity and forgiveness/mercy of God. But also showing that in the end despite the horror of his death, Jesus became accessible as a resurrected Jesus in his life after death.

Let us hope that we can think about this and discover our places in creating a world where God is leading us to create a better world.

Happy Eastertide.

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