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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

5 July 2017: Jeannine Davies, St Mary Magdalen Church, Sheet

Three Graces

I was at a Christening recently. The usual gathering of family and close friends attended the service, including one of the Grandads who, unexpectedly admitted into hospital, discharged himself and arrived in time to enjoy the entire day.

I was aware that there may be some awkwardness amongst some of the members, namely the Dad's Best Man and the Mum's best friend who, some years previously, had struck up a friendship which had turned into a romance for a short while before it ended, with pain and bitterness on the side of the Mum's friend.

These two people saw each other in Church before the Christening, and managed a cold acknowledgment. Anger, bitterness still in the eyes of the woman, caution, concern in the man's eyes as they acknowledged each other's presence.

The Christening was followed by an informal meal where we all sat, taking which ever seat we chose at one very long table. The two who least wanted to sit together, ended up having to sit beside each other and after some minutes of looking in opposite directions, they at last managed to exchange a few polite words, became embroiled in the general conversation and by the end of the meal, they were talking freely, heads together, all animosity replaced with friendship.

Here we see an illustration of God working. The celebration of a baby’s Christening has had unexpected consequences - that of an old man receiving love and attention from his extended family and the healing of two people, now in harmony; pain and bitterness replaced with a sense of peace between them. Be prepared to embrace the unexpected. It might be God.

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