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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

19 July 2017: Simon Mason, Life Church Petersfield

Learning from an inspirational lady

I recently attended the memorial service of an old friend who died recently. Not only was it a special and moving occasion but it reminded me of how wise this lovely lady was l and also how much I learnt from her, especially a few years ago when we first moved to Petersfield. She was inspirational, loving, generous and kind, and she brought joy wherever she went. She knew Jesus and this was the mainstay of her life.

One of the readings at the service was taken from the first letter that the apostle Peter wrote in the Bible. Peter knew Jesus intimately. They enjoyed three years of incredible highs and some extraordinary experiences, but also the shock of seeing Jesus arrested, beaten and crucified. And Peter had even denied knowing Jesus at all. But then the reality hit home. Jesus had died, but he had been brought back to life, resurrected, and Peter had witnessed this first hand. He then worked and witnessed for Jesus for the rest of his life, the man who perhaps knew Jesus best of all.

Peter would have been incredibly wise too, and he would have impacted the lives of many, many people.

In the first letter he wrote he speaks of Jesus's death and resurrection bringing new birth for us, a 'living imperishable inheritance' and the knowledge that Jesus loves us and provides us with great joy. He also provides us with eternal life if we choose to accept him.

What do you think of Jesus? People in, and the leaders of, the various local churches are willing to help you find out.

The next PACT Prayer Day will take place at St Mary's, Buriton next Thursday, 27 July from 8:15 am to 6:30 pm

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