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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

23 August 2017: Dom Clarke - Pioneer Minister to Beacon Church Plant, Bordon

In Christ all are transformed

One of the most fascinating stories in the New Testament is the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus which we find in Luke chapter 9, verses 28 to 36. In this account Jesus takes his friends on a road trip up a mountain to pray. Whilst there he is transformed into a being of dazzling light whilst God, showing up in a cloud, declares to all and sundry that Jesus is his son whom all should pay attention to. It is a strange and supernatural story which points, I believe to an incredibly important truth: that in Jesus personal growth, change and even spiritual transformation is available for each one of us, no matter how 'fixed' or broken we might feel we are.

Luke's account of the Transfiguration occurs after Jesus has performed a number of important changes in his community and to the environment around him. These include: calming a storm, healing a man's mental health problems, bringing a girl from death to life, giving his static, confused followers new purpose, and changing a small boy's packed lunch into a feast for 5,000. Again and again we see Jesus bring about change, transformation, movement, growth, development and improvement. Then at the moment of transfiguration Jesus demonstrates that all this stuff that he has been doing in the lives of his people is focussed and reflected ultimately in him.

He is saying then, and also for us now today, that through faith in him and in the power of the Holy Spirit change and transformation is possible in your life too. What is hectic and messy in your life can be calmed, whatever is messing with your head can be sorted out, whatever seems dead in your life can be brought back to life. If you lack purpose or energy then Jesus can give you direction and whatever you are truly hungry for Jesus can provide.

That I believe is good news for all and I really encourage you to pick up a bible soon, and with the help and guidance of a local church discover more about Jesus and discover what he can achieve with you in your life too.

The next PACT Prayer is today (23 August) at the Life Church office, next to The Petersfield Bookshop - 17D Chapel Street, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm - all are welcome.

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