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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 October 2017: Peter Belton, St. Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Bedrock Security

What's life like with you? The media makes sure we are aware of all the international crises, such as climate change or Brexit. We look around us and see people with difficulties. The list of problems is huge but they include, social dysfunction, family break-up, financial hardship, dishonesty, greed... How do we handle it? Do we feel threatened with loss of our way of life? Do we contemplate the loss of hopes and goals? We crave personal security, controlling our circumstances. We don't want to be down-graded in others' eyes. We cling to the precarious raft of our possessions. We are anxious and see no way out. We can put more locks on our possessions, use more passwords, more alarms, or seek more powers over those we feel threaten us.

Do we think that gathering a fortune or a higher social status will rid us of the anxt? No, the more we have the more we fear losing it. Whom can we trust; no benign foundation for our lives.

Yes, we do have a way out, whatever the circumstances! We can have peace in the ups and downs of life. You know the answer! Through the work of Jesus, we have security for Life, in perpetuity. God offers a reality of peace, even in extremis. He is a God who, free of charge, gives us an up-grade and welcomes us into His kingdom. St. Paul says "...God works for good for those that love Him". Psalm 46 says "Be still... and know that I am God". He says "I will be exalted in the Earth". Take comfort: as we turn to Him He runs to us in joy.

The next Men's Breakfast will be on Saturday 7 October at Hurst Barn - all men are welcome

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