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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

6 December 2017: Jon Piper, Hope Church

Give Us Some Time

I went on a run this morning. That won’t be much of a surprise to people who know me fairly well. I’ve run a lot in my time – including several marathons. What people miss is the fact that I’m a lazy runner: I only run when I have a race coming.

The months of May to October were almost running-free for me because, well, I couldn’t be bothered. Now I’m overweight and need to remind myself how to move properly.

Suddenly in November, I spent about 5 hours running. This is because, in April, I’m running the Southampton Marathon for The King’s Arms (the youth centre in Petersfield – one of my employers). For that reason, by the time April comes, I’ll be spending about 7 hours a week training for my race. The achievement involved in less than 4 hours of racing on the big day is nothing compared to the weeks of grinding long runs out of tired legs (especially when I have all this weight to lose).

When I tell you that I’m running for The King’s Arms, my primary interest is not in your financial sponsorship. My aim in giving all of this time for The King’s Arms is really to highlight our need for your time.

Like the widow who Jesus praised for giving two copper coins, many of us cannot afford to give financially for charities like The King’s Arms. But some people do have something of infinitely more value to the young people at The King’s Arms: time. Many of the young people that we work with are seeking conversations, jokes, camaraderie over a game of pool, acceptance and wisdom from adults. If all you have is time, as Jesus said about the widow, you might be able to ‘put more into the treasury than all the others’..

If you're in Petersfield today look out for PACT Food Bank Volunteers - they are collecting for this worth cause

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