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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

7 February 2018: Linda Clist, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet


Well, how was January? If you were trying to lose weight, perhaps it was a dry month. Otherwise, it was probably the opposite: wet and windy. Either way, it seems a long haul from the fun of New Year’s Eve to the return of spring sunshine (not to mention our energy levels.) We’re half-way between the shortest day and the clocks changing, but we still have February to negotiate.

That’s why I think we all need some real comfort to see us through the rest of the winter. When it’s so cold that the air hurts your face, nothing beats stepping into a warm café for a rich hot chocolate. (Mulled wine has a lot to be said for it too.) One of my Christmas presents was a pair of furry slippers that you can heat in the microwave. Just putting them on makes me feel cosy.

My other comforts include: a good library book, a feel-good film from Christmas and (controversially perhaps) porridge for breakfast.

These things work for me and I think we all need our own comforts to fall back on when the dark, cold and rain get us down. But there are times when even the best hot chocolate and the most charming novel are not enough. I’m thinking of the weeks after my Mum died (which happened one December). The comfort we need at times like that is on a different level. That’s when we need people to lean on: people who care, who will listen and not lose patience with us. One of the most comforting things about faith in Christ is that I know God cares, listens and never loses patience. It’s a comfort strong enough for any winter challenge: a comfort in fact for all the year.


The annual Christian Aid Lunch will take place this Saturday, 10 February at the United Reformed Church from noon to 2:00 pm

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