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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 April 2018: Geoff Pilliner, Petersfield Quaker Meeting

Let your life speak

Easter is over. Television programmes and adverts are all about summer holidays. Hot cross buns are no longer on the shelves. In churches the favourite Easter hymns are put away for another year, and the Walk of Witness is a fond memory. Any Easter eggs not sold are half price.

The biblical account of events two millennia ago suggests that after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the disciples went into hiding, not knowing what to do, what to think, what to believe. They were a group of shaken, frightened, men, lost in grief and betrayal, unable to understand how their lives, so full of hope and certainty, had so suddenly changed.

For most Christians, the events of Easter are at the centre of their faith, the events that convince them of the truth that Jesus preached. But that first Easter was not the end of the story. Six weeks later, the group of disciples, led by Peter, were spiritually alive again, living out their convictions and telling anyone who would listen of the way Jesus had changed their lives and could change the lives of anyone who would live out his teachings.

For Peter and his fellow disciples, it was not so much what they believed about Jesus, but what they were going to do because of these beliefs. What one believes is ultimately unimportant. What one does because of those beliefs is what is really important. Anyone can believe a set of ideas, but what makes those beliefs valid, whatever one’s religious faith or none, is that those beliefs determine the way one acts. That is what Peter and his friends did at Pentecost. We must remember that our faith too must not be a notion, but a way of life.


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