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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

11 April 2018: Sylvia Roberts, St Peter's Church, Petersfield

Spring Cleaning

I have found myself overpowered, this week, with a violent fit of Spring Cleaning. After months of inactivity and slothfulness and weeks of being under the weather both health-wise and snow-ice-cloud-wind-cold- wise this sudden burst of energetic activity has taken me completely by surprise. I tried to virtuously reassure myself that this was a yearly occurrence. Don’t panic! It’s quite normal. But when I looked at the dates on some of the paperwork I was culling and saw years ending in 15, 14, 13, and 12 I knew I was kidding myself. When I held up garments and considered whether their next trip should be to the charity shop…..and then wondered when I had actually last worn the said garment…..I realized that this clear out was long overdue.

Clearing up and clearing out doesn’t take up too much brain power so my mind was free to consider other areas in my life which could perhaps benefit from reviewing, culling, clearing, airing, scrubbing or discarding. This reflection was no doubt also prompted by a recent meeting with a friend I have known for many years who has recently had cause to change his mind. In talking to him I was both impressed and inspired as he explained how circumstances in his life had brought him to a crossroads where he had had to think hard about long cherished beliefs and to realize that some of his convictions no longer worked for the new road ahead. I quietly realized how brave it is to be able to change one’s mind and to adjust one’s behaviour and conversation to new sets of circumstances. I have heard people boast that once they make up their mind about a subject or a person nothing will alter their opinion. How rigid and old fashioned this attitude now sounded as I listened to my friend.

As I left him I resolved to review some of my own inner archives and to consider whether politically, morally, financially or spiritually I needed a Spring Clean and whether it might produce the new lease of life and the zingy spring in the step I was pleased to observe in my friend. How about you?

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