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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

9 May 2018: Wendy Cassar, Petersfield United Reformed Church

Making a Difference

Every year a group of Christians from The United Reformed Church, Petersfield and The Holy Trinity Church, Claygate travel to Ukraine to serve in 3 remote villages. Together we provide basic medical and dental aid as well as community visits and a holiday club for the children. The mission has been running for 14 years and we have been blessed with many doctors and dentists and members of the congregation, willing to give up their time to go to Ukraine and serve. We also have a group of our young people to help with the holiday club.

This year will be my sixth year with the mission as a Dental Hygienist. It is amazing to see a humble prayer room become a Dental Surgery for a week. We go hoping to make a difference and I am sure that we do. However, what we receive back is truly humbling. What all of us have in common is a love for the Lord. Although we use translators all week, the acts of kindness speak for themselves. We are welcomed into homes and given delicious home cooked meals every evening. The language isn’t really a barrier at all, for when you truly give in the name of the Lord, you truly receive in the most unexpected ways.

Now, for the majority of people who may never get as far as Ukraine, why not start right now at home? Give a little time to those in need. Time is so precious to us all, so what a wonderful gift to give. Do something on a daily basis, without reward. Maybe volunteering? Do something out of your comfort zone, lead by example and make a difference to others. Believe me, your life will change for the better. Have courage to make a difference and you will.


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