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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

6 June 2018: John Callaghan, Life Church Petersfield

Giving beats receiving every time!

If you were to receive an incredible gift today, what would it look like?

Money perhaps or, if you were ill, it might be healing or if you were depressed it might be help to find a way through. Money is tempting but it can often costs us long hours of work away from our families, healing lengthens our lives and gives us more opportunities to find what is of value. Help with mental health issues gives us a chance to live again.

Living in Petersfield as I have for forty years now I am more and more impressed with the number of people I meet who just love helping others! Surely, for many, life is all about me? Well for some it is not. Maybe to find something of real importance and of lasting value we need to give ourselves away. Not just money but our time.

I have the privilege of being involved with the King’s Arms youth project since the beginning 18 years ago. I see sixty people giving their time and effort into other people’s children on a regular if not weekly basis. Are they crazy or have they discovered something remarkable?

I guess you will have to find a volunteer and ask what they get out of it and why they do it. I enjoy cutting my grass and feel so privileged to have a garden, however, if you volunteer to cut someone else’s grass you will discover something happens inside you! Is it a primevil trigger that reveals kindness and generosity are essential human characteristics which are reflected in us by a loving Creator God?

I believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Why not try and see if giving beats receiving every time!

IMC Funday: Saturday 9 June - 8:30 am to noon in Ram's Walk Petersfield - books, home made jam, tombola, mile of pennies - coma and join the fun!

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