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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

27 June 2018: David Storey, All Saints' Steep

Language and Understanding

Watching and listening to weather forecasts we get told the weather will be good or bad instead of dry or wet. Farmers and gardeners may feel differently about what is good and bad, particularly when we seem heading into a period of drought.

Misunderstandings seem to be likewise built around what church people think. So many seem to think that those of us who are church people are concerned about people sinning. Even when we are talking about sins, we are only talking about falling short of what would be the ideal actions in life. I hope that we can all agree that it would be a much nicer world if everyone would do their best to make sure that their actions are the best that they can do in their current situation.

The word sin was used in archery when the King James Bible was a new translation into English. It meant to fall short of the target. It does not mean that those who sin/fall short are destined for Hell, which even the Pope has declared to be a threat and not a reality because God’ principles include forgiveness and mercy.

So let us change our language and what we say about others and all work together to build a better world for all. In that engagement let all agree that we all make mistakes and we all need help in not making them again.

Have a good summer, whether it rains or shines.

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