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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

3 October 2018: Peter Belton St. Mary Magdalen Church

Trust Brexit?

When we voted in our referendum, simple principles seemed to drive us. For one reason or another most of us said "No".

Now that the details are being addressed, we realise that the implications are much more complex than we thought. Nobody seemed to have really worked them out and the various "solutions" were often at variance with one another. Too many axes to grind: Who gains? Who loses? Whose opinion is true? Who has the "greater good" in mind? What is the "greater good"? Who is only thinking of themselves? What is it for the other nations? How do we balance pros and cons? Who is trustworthy? Does this confusion bring us back to God's certainty?

I believe we must look beyond ourselves and trust our holy, loving and always faithful God. The Bible tells us, "From the fullness of His grace, ALL have received one blessing after another". We seldom count our blessings, especially not when we're stressed out, or in hard times. But they are there.

He loves us and longs to be close to us. He offers us JOY, despite our moods. He makes miracles. He gives us love for others rather than ourselves. He saves us from difficulties, whether we know it or not. He is turning our faces towards Him and increasing our desire to know Him. He has given us "pictures" of our changes, so that we are encouraged. Some of these "pictures" have started to come true.

In 1986 He asked, "Where are the people of My Word?" The response is, of course, "They are here, Lord".

The next Men's Breakfast is this Saturday, 6 October, at Hurst Barn - all men are welcome to come along!

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