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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

17 October 2018: Susanne Irving, Life Church Petersfield

Disconnect to reconnect

One of my favourite psalms is Psalm 8, which begins with “The heavens declare the glory of God...” - yet how easy it is to miss the richness and depth of nature's communication.

Take my recent sunrise experience. The heavens declare the glory of God in soft greys, hues of sugary pink sprinkled with purple, orange and finally yellow. Geese are honking, flying overhead in perfect V formation. A pair of swans performs a silent water ballet whilst moorhens are bickering nearby. A heron sits motionless on the branch of a tree that snapped years ago, but still serves a valuable purpose in the pond. Meanwhile the fog curtain lifts so gently that I only notice its disappearance when the last wisps float away.

I switch on my mobile to take a photo. The local weather forecast pops up: “Partly cloudy” - this is how the service describes what I am witnessing. A factually accurate description, but anemic and lifeless.

While friends have admired the photos I took that morning, they are still getting a second hand experience. They were not “there”, just as I stopped to be truly present the moment I looked at my phone. It is hard to remain in the now, but it is worth persevering. God describes himself as “The Great I Am,” after all, so if you are feeling spiritually disconnected, maybe it is time to go for a walk and let the heavens speak to you...

The next Women's Brunch will be next Saturday, 20 October, at Herne Farm Leisure Centre

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