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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

22 May 2019: Rev'd Stephen Wright, Petersfield Methodist Church

Some things we are definitely worth knowing

Apparently, the Queen likes to watch the television quiz ‘Pointless’. I can then, only wonder what she made of a recent edition where participants thought that Kazakhstan, Greece and France were members of the commonwealth. Clearly, the contestants had little understanding of what this special union of nations was all about.

In their defence, we do have to process an extraordinary amount of information these days and it’s easy for some of it to pass us by. I enjoy watching movies and tv drama’s, but if you were to ask me about the names of actors and actresses (as they do on ‘Pointless’ from time to time), I would be completely hopeless.

Certain aspects of life absorb our interest and in these spheres we can be very knowledgeable, about other things we are distinctly sketchy. But are there things that we ought to know about? Probably; though what they might be is always going to be controversial, especially when they touch on religion and spirituality.

But some knowledge of belief would seem essential, not least, because without it, it is impossible to understand the world we live in. Indeed, it is doubtful whether we understand our own nation unless we are familiar with how Christianity has fashioned it (for good and ill) over the years. And as for me, I will always be grateful for those who gently guided me to appreciate that well-being, all-round health and happiness was not to be found in the usual dead-ends, but in the spiritual life. Especially, the good-news of God’s love for all, revealed most wonderfully in Jesus Christ.

Yes, I would say some things are definitely worth knowing.

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