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Christmas Day Lunch 2013

Report and Photographs from the Lunch

For the second year running Marika Kyovska and Katie Wigley (nee Packett) provided a meal for about 80 people including two who were homeless and four housebound. This report comes too early to report in any detail. Suffice it to say that Marika cooked a beautiful meal almost single handed and Katie was ably supported by Tom James, Hattie Hughes and representatives of other churches.

A big thank you to Captain Linda Reid for her stalwart help serving food during the meal .

To Rosemary Davis and her husband John for tirelessly washing up in difficult circumstances and for their son Adam who made sure that everyone had drinks throughout the meal. Money has again been pledged by Waitrose for a second year so funding for the Christmas Day Lunch is secure for future years!

If you can supply a caption for any of the photographs below please email with the photograph number and comment. If you have your own comments on the day then please email these too and we'll add them to this page.

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