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PACT and the General Election, East Hampshire Constituency 2010

Election Results 2010

Election Results 2010

See the full results on the BBC web site

12 Hours of Prayer: Thursday 6th May - Election Day

PACT held a day of prayer on Thursday 6 May - Election Day. This took place from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm in St Peter's and all Christians in Petersfield and around were invited to take part by praying for all the aspects of the election.

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Husting Organised by PACT: Thursday 22 April 2010

The Candidates with chairman Rev'd Rob Dewing in St Peter's:
Damian Hines
Jane Edbrooke
Andrew Carew
(Liberal Democrate)
Don Jerrard
(Justice and Anti Corruption Party)

Report on the Husting

St Peter’s Church, Petersfield, was packed on the evening of Thursday 22nd April as over 220 people attended the General Election Hustings organised by PACT (Peterfield Area Churches Together).

Four of the candidates for the East Hampshire constituency at the forthcoming General Election took part: Damian Hinds for the Conservatives, Adam Carew for the Liberal Democrats, Jane Edbrooke for the Labour Party and Don Jerrard for the Justice and Anti Corruption Party. The event was chaired by Rev Rob Dewing, the Vicar of St Mary Magdalen, Sheet.

The candidates each made introductory statements, and a series of questions from local constituents, which had been submitted in advance, then followed. Topics ranged from the issue of the growing secularisation of society and the role of voluntary organisations, to listening to the views of local people (and whether this would come before the wishes of party whips in the House of Commons) and housing, local planning and immigration. Some questions from the floor completed the evening, and these concerned pensions, voting systems and help being given to small businesses.

The evening’s wide range of topics provided a variety of answers from the candidates, and all was conducted with seriousness yet good humour too.

Simon Mason, Life Church Petersfield

Questions posed to the candidates

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