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Walk of Witness in Petersfield: Good Friday 2016

We were treated to blue sky and warm sunshine and a goodly number of walkers. The walk followed the traditional route from the Methodist Church in Station Road, down Lavant Street then through Ram's Walk to The Square.

The service was led by Simon and Helen Mason, two of the three joint coordinators of PACT for 2016. Christine Tully read the lesson, Liz Studd read the prayer and Captain Linda Read of the Salvation Army gave the address.

Music was provided by The Salvation Army band. After the service people were invited to stay for tea, coffee and hot cross buns.

The walkers stopped twice for readings of the Passion story, once in Lavant Street and again in Rams Walk.

Walkers gather at The Methodist Church
The first reading was made in Lavant Street
The walkers reach the junction of Lavant Street and Chapel Street
The PACT Chaplaincy Team provided stewards
Meanwhile, in The Square The salvation Army Band were preparing
In Ram's Walk
Entering The Square - The Square packed with PACT
Chris Tully gave the Reading Liz Studd read the Prayers
A view across The Square

Several people commented on Liz's prayer, so it has been included here:

Jesus Christ, Emmanuel and Saviour of the world, we stand here today overwhelmed and amazed at your indescribable and unconditional love for us all by being obedient to your Father and going to an excruciating death upon a cross. And there you said:

'I've done what you asked me. I've told them about you. I've showed them how to live. And now, with my death, I'm taking away all the bad things anyone will ever do. It's finished. It's over. It's done.'

And for you and for me, he dies. Amazing love!

Jesus, you committed no sin, and no deceit was ever found in your mouth. When they hurled insults at you, you did not retaliate; when you suffered, you made no threats. Instead, you entrusted yourself to him who judges justly. You yourself bore our sins in your body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live to righteousness; by your wounds we have been healed. Such amazing love!

Oh Lord Jesus, as we face the cross today, we wonder at your love for us. We can never deserve what you did for us on this day. Looking at the people who brought about your death we can see so many of the same faults in ourselves and we are sorry for them. By faith we gladly take the forgiveness you offer us from your cross and through the door you pushed open then, we come back into God's family where we really belong and where we have been set free to live a new life in Jesus. Help us to fulfil your great commission to go and share that life with others.

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