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Other Events and Items of Interest

There are several events and items arranged by organisations that are not officially affiliated to or associated with PACT but whose aims and activities are in line with those of PACT and we are pleased to list them here:

The Sycamore Tree Project

John Callaghan has been a group facilitator on the Sycamore Tree Project in Kingston Prison: The twenty men on the course were so appreciative of us giving up our time and by the last of six sessions they were really understanding how their crime had impacted everyone around them.  They then read poems and had a symbolic act of ‘restoration’. We all had tears in our eyes as they bravely faced the ripple effects of their crime.

If you could be interested in being a group facilitator you would commit six Monday afternoons and run two six minute discussions with four men.

Our nation has been shaped and defined by the Christian faith for hundreds of years. Christian Concern seeks to introduce a Christian voice into law, the media and government. They believe that by doing so, society as a whole will benefit. Visit the Christian Concern web site.

Watch County Councillor, Robert Woollard, encourage Christians to get involved with local politics, for the good of our nation and our communities on the PACT video page.

Susanne's Blog

Susanne Irving is the Editor of The PACT Newsletter and is also interested writing herself. She has run the Christian Writer's Group in Petersfield and has now created a Blog that contains her writing. Susanne says:

I felt inspired to start a blog with the spiritual reflections I have collected over the years (and am still getting). I am quite nervous to be so exposed, but God reminded me that I have always wanted to impact a large number of people (thousands!) through my writing - and her is my free opportunity. (I have also been inspired by those of you who have reminded me that something I have written in the past has encouraged you, and sometimes still has an impact.)

After I received my first comment on one of my pieces from someone I don't even know, I thought it's time to let friends and family know what I am doing... Let me know what you think...

Lots of love, Susanne

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