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PACT Lent Programme: 22 February to 7 April 2012

Lent is a time when Christians remember the 40 days and nights Jesus spent alone in the desert without food, being tempted by the Devil. Jesus used this time to prepare for His work by fasting and praying.

The weeks of Lent were once the time when new Christians, who were to be baptized on Easter Eve, were taught about the Christian faith and life. Those who had already been baptized thought again about the promises they had once made and promise to be true to them. Lent was a time for spring-cleaning lives, as well as homes.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, the day after Pancake Day, six and a half weeks before Easter Day. The last week of Lent begins with Palm Sunday, which celebrates the day Jesus entered Jerusalem and the people lay down palms at his feet. Lent ends the day before Easter Sunday, which is known as Holy Saturday. Sundays are not counted in the forty days.

In the Roman Catholic Church, Lent officially ends at sundown on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), with the beginning of the mass of the Lord's Supper.

Once again PACT (Petersfield Area Churches Together) is offering a variety of ways in which we can journey through Lent together. You are welcome to come to as many of these events as you like. Please telephone the host/leader to book a place on your chosen course.

From the PACT Webmaster:

Remember to buy all your books and DVDs from The Unity Book Shop!

At a Glance

           Sunday            Monday             Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday      Friday       Saturday
AM                 St Mary's Buriton   York Course 2 Petersfield Methodist
PM         St Mary Magdalen   York Course 1       St Peter's  
EVE The Salvation Army   St Mary's Buriton   St Peter's              
The Alternative Lent Kourse   Kesher Course   St Laurence              
    All Saint's Steep                  

St Mary’s, Buriton - Growing in the Scriptures (Emmaus material)

  1. Abraham to Joshua The story from the beginning to the conquest and lessons from God's work in history
  2. Joshua to the Exile From the conquest through the Kings to the Exile to Babylon and lessons from the characters
  3. The Exile to John the Baptist The story after the Exile and lessons about looking for the Messiah
  4. The New Testament The events and writings, and lessons from the letters
  5. Reading the Bible today Different ways of reading the Bible and listening to God through the Scriptures
Venue/Contact       10 Heatherfield, Buriton Tom Cooper 01730 233786
Day/Time Mondays at 7:30 pm Starting on 27th February
Venue/Contact The Poor House, 42 High Street, Buriton    David Bee 01730 269390
Day/Time Thursdays at 10:00 am Starting on Thursday 1 March

Visit the Emmaus web site

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Petersfield Methodist - A Sense of Easter

Your time of ‘Prayer and Sacrifice’ You are invited to share in the day of Prayer. Come and visit the ‘Prayer Stations’ around the building, perhaps spending some time to reflect in the ‘Quiet Room’. Basic refreshments will be available throughout the day but you may prefer to fast as a way of sacrifice.

We do hope you will be able to attend for some or all of the day and that the experience will give you a very real sense of Easter.

Come when you can, stay as long as you wish. Anyone, any age - all welcome!

Venue/Contact       Petersfield Methodist Church Jeanette Richardson 01730 263317
Day/Time Saturday 18 February 10:00 am to 4:00 pm     


Remember to buy to course books from the Unity Christian Bookshop in Petersfield!Kesher Course

This is five sessions, each consisting of two 45 min teaching slots using a DVD and course book - 2 hrs per session with a refreshment break between and a short time of discussion at the end. Kesher is a Hebrew word meaning 'connection'. It explores the connection between Judaism, Christianity, Israel and the Church. Very helpful for people to understand something of what is going on in the Middle East today. The first half of the course is a Bible study on the Lord Jesus; the second half gives a historical perspective, but with many references to scripture.

Venue/Contact       Merrymeet, 38 Upper Heyshott    Christine Tully 01730 262716
Host/Leader Anne Randall will host and Christine Tully will lead
Day/Time Mondays at 2:30 pm Starting on Monday 27 February 

Click here for more details of the Kesher Course

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Remember to buy your course books from the Unity Christian Bookshop in Petersfield!YORK COURSES 2012: HANDING ON THE TORCH

Sacred words for a secular world Christianity is the largest movement our world has ever seen. It continues to grow at an immense pace – especially in Asia (including China), Africa and Latin America. At the same time, Christianity in the West struggles to grow and – perhaps – even to survive. In this course we consider some of the reasons for this and what it might mean for individual Christians, for churches and for Western culture, in a world where alternative beliefs are increasingly on offer.

  1. A Christian Country?
  2. A Secular Society?
  3. A Beleaguered Church?
  4. 4 Competing Creeds?
  5. Handing on the Torch
Course 1    
Venue/Contact       21 Grenehurst Way, The Village GU31 4AZ    Barbara Ward 01730 267834
Host/Leader Barbara Ward and Beryl Turner
Day/Time Wednesdays at 2:30 pm Starting on Wednesday 22 February
Course 2    
Venue/Contact       30 Oaklands Road, Petersfield GU32 2EZ    Judith Peake 01730 263669 or
    Gill Hancock 01730 263763
Host/Leader Judith Peake and Gill Hancock
Day/Time Fridays at 10:00 am Starting on Friday 24 February

Click here for more details of York Courses

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The Salvation Army, Petersfield - A Journey Through the Life of Jesus

We will be exploring key moments of Jesus’ life, using all four gospels and looking at the different ways that each was written to record the same events.

Venue/Contact       The Salvation Army, Swan Street    Captain Barrie Cox 01730 265505
Day/Time Sundays 6:30 pm    Starting on Sunday 26 February



St Peter’s - What is the Church for?

  1. Why go to church?
  2. Looking for the good things- what has God ever done for us?
  3. hat is praise and why do we do it?
  4. The Bible- how well do we know it, and how do we use it?
  5. Prayer- Why do we need to tell God what we need, and what should we ask for?

Each session will last an hour. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Venue/Contact       St Peter’s church meeting room Rev’d Will Hughes on 01730 260464   
Day/Time Fridays at 12:00 noon   Starting on Friday 24 February
Venue/Contact       The Vicarage on Dragon Street Rev’d Will Hughes on 01730 260464   
Day/Time Tuesdays at 7:30 pm Starting on Tuesday 28 February

The Alternative Lent Kourse (TALK)

Topics may include: What has my job got to do with being a Christian? 2012- is it the end of the world? What does ‘sin’ mean? How do you pray? And anything else you want to discuss.

Venue/Contact       A local pub - venue to be confirmed     Rev’d Will Hughes on 01730 260464   
Day/Time Sundays 7:30 pm    Starting on Sunday 26 February

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All Saints’, Steep and High Cross, Froxfield - Draw near with faith?

Teaching and discussion group with a focus on the new Communion prayers of the Church, their relationship with the older forms of Communion services, and what taking Communion means to us today.

There are five sessions and all are welcome.

Venue/Contact       Froxfield Village Hall    John Owen on 01730 264282
Day/Time Mondays 8:00 pm    Starting on Sunday 27 February


St Mary Magdalen, Sheet - Are we washing our hands of England’s poor?

Some people would argue that poverty in England doesn’t exist. In today’s media, those who claim they are poor are often condemned as scroungers and benefit cheats. We’ll be considering the truth behind the news stories and asking, ‘do people truly live in poverty in England?’ and if so, ‘how should we as Christians respond to those in need?’.


Venue/Contact       To Be Confirmed Rev Anderson 01730 268156 -
Day/Time Tuesdays 2:00 pm    Starting on Tuesday 26 February


St Laurence - Inspired by Art & Music

This year a series of talks will be given by two speakers focusing on different ways that Art and Music can inspire us to meditate and pray. You are warmly invited to make these talks a part of your Lenten preparation for Easter.

Download a leaflet

Venue/Contact       St Laurence Hall Paul Nickell Telephone:  01730  231599
Day/Time Tuesdays 7:30 pm    Starting on Tuesday 13 March

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