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PACT Lent Courses:

Wednesday 14 February to Saturday 31 March

Lent is a time when Christians remember the 40 days and nights Jesus spent alone in the desert without food, being tempted by the Devil. Jesus used this time to prepare for His work by fasting and praying.

The weeks of Lent were once the time when new Christians, who were to be baptized on Easter Eve, were taught about the Christian faith and life. Those who had already been baptized thought again about the promises they had once made and promise to be true to them. Lent was a time for spring-cleaning lives, as well as homes.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, the day after Pancake Day, six and a half weeks before Easter Day. The last week of Lent begins with Palm Sunday, which celebrates the day Jesus entered Jerusalem and the people lay down palms at his feet. Lent ends the day before Easter Sunday, which is known as Holy Saturday. Sundays are not counted in the forty days.

In the Roman Catholic Church, Lent officially ends at sundown on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), with the beginning of the mass of the Lord's Supper.

The Salvation Army have decided to put on a series of Prayer Walks, but this time visiting a number of villages over the five week period. These will be Sunday evenings as follows:

  • 18th February 5.00 pm – meet outside St Marys Church in Buriton
  • 25th February 5.00 pm – meet outside St Marys Church in Liss
  • 4th March 5.00 pm – meet outside St Peters Church in Froxfield
  • 11th March 5.00 pm – meet outside All Saints in Steep
  • 18th March 5.00 pm – meet outside St Mary Magdalen Church in Sheet

We envisage being out for no more than 40 minutes. I have already received a list of prayers for Buriton, and would love to hear of any prayers required for the other villages and churches where we are meeting.

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