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PACT Prayer (9): St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

The PACT Prayer day will be incorporated into the prayer time organised by St Mary Magdalen. More details will be added later

In response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's call to pray for more people to know Jesus (see ) we're organising a 24/7 week of prayer at Sheet Church.

We'd like to invite anyone from PACT churches to sign up to come and pray for an hour. You can sign up here: way we hope to cover the entire time most easily. But of course you'd also be welcome simply to come and pray without booking. We'd love to see you.

Date: From Thursday 25 May to Thursday 1 June
Times: From the evening of 25th May to the evening of 1st June
Location St Mary Magdalen, Sheet
Theme: Thy Kingdom Come
Contact: To book a prayer time go to:
  On Bank Holiday Monday 29th May there will be two prayer walks. One on some of the streets in the parish and one round the parish boundary.
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