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Minutes of the PACT AGM - Wednesday 14 January 2015, St Peter's

Those present: John Callaghan (Chair) Rev Will Hughes Helen Mason Linda Read Brian Edwards Chris Tully Rev.Judith Bee Tricia Ide John Ide Terry Thraves David Rice Olivia Tottle Ken Tottle Declan Murphy Lindy Young, Rev Richard Saunders Tim Concannon Vanessa Dowse Janet Owen Emma Dean, Steve Field Penny Callaghan

Apologies from: Simon Mason Paula Hudson Liz and John Studd Rosemary Davies Bobs Moat Hilary Bonney Rev. Jo Farrell Andy Hall Rev Peter Hollins, Rev. Max Cross Rev. Tom James

1. Opening prayer by John Callaghan, thanking God for all that has been done in the name of PACT this year.

2. Minutes of 2014 were approved and there were no matters arising. Proposed by Brian Edwards Seconded by Terry Thraves

3. Chairman’s report: John referred to his written report. He was pleased to see lots of PACT committee members present. He said they are a new committee just finding their feet! Rev Beth started ‘Cuppa and Company’ as a new venture this year. Not all the PACT reports have been received, but some will be found later on the PACT website.
Caroline Lacklinson visited the committee and talked about the Kings Arms Project and the new developments. There is no statutory funding so they are thankful that churches commit to giving funds.
Food banks reported that they need more supporters. Please highlight this request on your newsletters. Need more support for the team.

Everyone enjoyed the carol singing around the town and led by Will Hughes.

Our activities as Churches together, is the essence of what we do in the town.

4.Linda Read spoke about the soup run. Peter Read from Liss runs this. Has been going for 9 months. These Monday nights on the square has been a blessing as it is taking the Fathers love into the community. If you can't come and help please pray between 6-8.30 pm on Monday.

5. Treasurers report: Thanks to Chris Tully thorough and dependable as always. Each church’s contribution is related to the size of their congregation. Some raised from services ie the unity service. Most expenditure is on Christmas and Easter cards. Extra insurance because of the soup run. Changed the system of Craft Bank to pay when you go.

Donations from those at the Christmas lunch, went to KINGs arms. Greatest donation to the Christmas Lunch was from Waitrose. Why does food bank need money?- for the perishable items

Holiday Club expenses. Most donations from children attending. Junior helpers didn't claim at all. Registration had lanyards for security. Gifts to caretaker etc.
Proposer to adopt the accounts Steve Field and seconded by Tim Concannon

6. Election of Chair. Rev Will Hughes. Tradition of having a Vice Chair, but no volunteers. Would like to broaden it out, not just clergy

7. Other Partnership and Linked Reports - see all the Annual Reports

8. Any Other Business: 4.30 pm service for Unity on Sunday at St. Peter’s Church where Rev. Will Hughes will be installed as the new Chair of PACT.

John Callaghan introduced David Rice who leads the Methodist church

9. Date for next year's AGM Wednesday 13th January 2016

Closing Prayer we said the Grace together.

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