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Minutes of the PACT AGM - Wednesday 13 January 2016, St Peter's

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Present: (PACT Committee) Rev’d Canon Will Hughes (Chair), Paula Hudson (Secretary), David and Carolyn Barton, Rev Judith Bee, Hilary Bonney, John Callaghan, Tim Concannon, Max Cross, Vanessa Rowse, Brian Edwards, Father Peter Hollins, Helen Mason, Simon Mason, Captain Linda Read, Rev Richard Saunders, David Storey, John Studd, Christine Tully.
Also Present: Janet Colby, Christine Edwards, Janetta Dobinson, John and Trisha Ide, Paul and Frances Nickell, Carole Rendle, Lis Scott, Belinda Shaw, Sheila Silk, Sally Smith, Liz Studd, Monica Taylor, Terry Thraves, Manon Voller, Jill Watts.

Apologies from: Emma Dean, Rev’d David Rice, Lindy Young, Rev’d John Owen.

1. Introduction: Rev’d Canon Will Hughes opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Minutes for last AGM: (14 January 2015): Minutes agreed.

3. Matters Arising: None raised.

4 Chairman’s Report: Reports under items 4 and 5 were displayed on screen and copies circulated. Copies of reports are available on the PACT website at: - click 2015 under each group’s report.

5. PACT Partnered and Linked Groups Reports given:

  • Christian Aid
  • The Food Bank
  • Holiday Club
  • Home Start Butser
  • In Ministry to Children
  • King’s Arms
  • Messy Church
  • PACT Website
  • Prayer Impact
  • Social Concerns Group
  • Soup Run
  • Town Chaplaincy
  • Voluntary Care Group

6. Other Reports:

7. Accounts: Christine Tully, Treasurer, presented accounts for PACT and Holiday Club for YE 30.9.15, circulated signed copies, explained items in the report and invited questions. Separate Foodbank Bank Account to be set up, but in this period Foodbank figures included in PACT accounts. PACT income mainly from subscriptions from PACT churches. The amount given is in relation to the size of their congregations. Main expenditure is on Easter and Christmas cards and inserts. Chair expressed thanks to Chris. The meeting agreed to ratify and accept the accounts.

8. Elections: PACT Chair/Vice Chair/Convenors Helen and Simon Mason from Life Church and Tim Concannon from St Laurence were elected to supercede PACT Chair Rev Canon Will Hughes. (Simon or Helen alternate as representatives at PACT meetings due to other commitments.) They will act jointly as Convenors rather than as Chair and Vice Chair.

9. Future dates and events: Chair invited churches to announce special events being arranged for this year.

SUMMARY of Dates and Events

PACT Committee meetings 2016

Other PACT events 2016

Other Events in 2016

10. Closing prayer: The meeting ended with saying a prayer together.

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