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Bringing light to those in Prison

Dear friends it has been my privilege to be a group facilitator on the Sycamore Tree Project in Kingston Prison. The twenty men on the course were so appreciative of us giving up our time and by the last of six sessions they were really understanding how their crime had impacted everyone around them.  They then read poems and had a symbolic act of ‘restoration’. We all had tears in our eyes as they bravely faced the ripple effects of their crime.

If you could be interested in being a group facilitator you would commit six Monday afternoons and run two six minute discussions with four men.

Sycamore Tree is based around the story of Zachaeus and is faith based but not faith promoting, it really helps residents to want to put things right and helps them move towards being ready to be released on license.

Please contact me if you would like more information and visit the web site to read more about the Sycamore Tree Project

John Callaghan

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