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Video Files 2011

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Good Friday 2011 in The Square, Petersfield
Canadian singer Kelley Mooney's spiritual lyrical adaptation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". Because of copyright restrictions you cannot view the video from the PACT web site - click on the play button then click on the text Watch on YouTube and you will be re-directed to the YouTube web site and the video will play.
County Councillor, Robert Woollard, encourages Christians to get involved with local politics, for the good of our nation and our communities.
Wonderfully read by John Callaghan at the PACT Engage event on 10 February 2011 - here's the original.
Pentecostal statesman, Dr Lockeridge, was spotted in the crowd at a conference and was asked to come up to the platform and open the proceedings with a spontaneous prayer - this is what he said:
Not strictly a PACT video - but wonderfully inspiring - tell your friends!
This flash mob - a seemingly spontaneous gathering that disperses as quickly as it appears - took about eight weeks to organize and the video uses seven hidden cameras and the natural acoustics of the food court. For more information see the Toronto Sun Star web site.
An Alternative Christmas Song!
If you have any videos showing the activities of PACT churches or organisations please contact the PACT web master ( to arrange for them to be displayed on the PACT web site. Please ensure that you have permission and/or that the material is copyright free.


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