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Women’s World Day of Prayer 2 March 2018

Petersfield: The Women's World Day of Prayer Service will take place on Firday 2 March in St Peter's at 1:30 - despite the name of the service men are welcome!


The Republic of Suriname lies in the northeastern part of South America. Suriname is named after the Surinen tribe, one of the indigenous peoples of the land.

About 90% of the population of Suriname lives in the coastal areas, of which more than half in the capital city of Paramaribo, which is situated on the left bank of the Suriname River. The name Paramaribo is believed to have been drawn from an indigenous word meaning ‘city of flowers’.

The coastal area of Suriname, covers approximately 15% of the land surface and is not only important for residential purposes, but also for its economic activity. However, this part of the country is less than two meters above the sea level and because of climate change and rising sea waters faces eventual floods.

Today, about 15% of the land surface is a protected territory. The biggest nature reserve is the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, which was established in 1996. Because of the mountainous areas, rapids in the rivers, Savannah soil with rock formations and the remarkable vegetation and animal wildlife, this nature reserve has been placed on UNESCO’s list of Heritage Sites.

WDP Suriname Committee

The ecumenical collaboration was established in Suriname in November 1942 under the name Committee of Christian Churches (CCK). The Women’s World Day of Prayer started in the year 1953. In February 1954, a board was officially appointed.

Since December 2000, we have established a direct relationship with World Day of Prayer International Committee (WDPIC). In September 2003, two of our board members participated in the Quadrennial Meeting in Swanwick (England) and since then the board has attended WDPIC conferences. In 2007, Diana Pengel was elected Chairperson of the WDP Suriname Committee and worked very hard to promote WDP in her country. She was actively involved in coordinating the writing process for the Suriname worship service. As of 2017, the current Chairperson is Rosana Pindon.

On November 2014, a Strengthening National Committee workshop was held to start the writing process with the support of WDPIC. The focus of the workshop was to understand the theme according to the environmental context of Suriname. 

The Preparatory Workshop for a writer country held on April 2015 with around 35 women and young women provided a writing training and opportunity to organize the writer working groups. It was our pleasure to welcome R. Oliveira, P. Balasundaram and C. Harbig as leaders of the workshop. We left the workshop full of enthusiasm and well-equipped to start out our task.
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